WEA Tees Valley- Workshops

Although I tutored many Creative Writing Courses for the WEA in the mid to late 80’s, I’d lost touch by 1997 with changes in the structure and the Tutor Organiser. Local Poet Norah Hill put me in touch with the new Middlesbrough branch and I got them involved with Merlin’s Cauldron. Although a voluntary adult education organisation, under Paul McGee, the new tutor organiser, they had attracted massive European funding to work in deprived areas all over the Tees Valley. The various local branches and tutors ran various workshops for us during the festival and as an offspin,I got back involved with WEA and the Middlesbrough branch after the festival,once again tutoring courses in songwriting and Creative Writing and ended up with a full time Development job,which was good although it meant that I didn’t have time back then to organise a follow to Merlin’s Cauldron until now.

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