We owe this poem poem to Dr Clark McGinn, Centre for Robert Burns Studies, University of Glasgow who says “I am working on a study of poems about Robert Burns and found this by GMT (which I couldn’t find in the indices to three volumes) “

George F Pardon (ed.), The Quarterly Magazine of the Independent Order of Odd-Fellows, Manchester Unity, Volume I, 1858), p.448.

BURNS! from my childhood I have loved thy lays,
And they have taught me bravely to endure
All human ills. Thy muse doth make more pure
The heart that loves her: as in the darkest days,
For suffering Freedom, thou didst touch the chords
Of manly feeling in each British heart,
Till all the worthy wished to bear a part
In their dear land’s redemption. Holy words
Of comfort for humanity did fall
From thy sweet lyre: tyrant and bigot quail’d
Before thee, whilst all wise and good men hail’d
Thee as a God sent poet. Cottage and hall
Have heard thy hymnings; and the trump of fame
O’er all the world proclaims old Scotia’s ploughboy’s name.

George Markham Tweddle. (Tweddell)

Cleveland Lodge, No 789.

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