Harry Parsons Lecture on the Development of the Locomotive 1966

Harry Parsons was an engineer for Head Wrightson in Thornaby on Tees and married to

Winifred Prudence Hackworth – a descendent of locomotive pioneer Timothy Hackworth. In 1966 he delivered a lecture to the Keighley Association of Engineers on the history and development of the Locomotive. This is a typed version as pdf of his very informative and illustrated lecture.

The original list of slides used by Harry Parsons for his lecture in the original order and taken from Robert Young’s book Timothy Hackworth and the Locomotive.

Fossick and Hackworth and Blair’s Marine Engine Works – Stockton (Thomas Hackworth)



Thomas Hackworth (1797 – 1877) was Timothy Hackworth’s brother and his role has

been overlooked by history. George Smith explores his story in the book below. Thomas was associated with Fossick and Hackworth and Blairs engineering in Stockton on Tees.

Fossick & Hackworth built locomotives and carriages. In 1853 they went into marine engineering, and this, after some time, took over from the railway work. At the time Thomas retired in 1865 his works manager was George Blair, who was by this time a partner.

Blair’s Marine Engine Works – Stockton.

These pages are Cleveland and Teesside Local History Bulletin in relation to Timothy Hackworth’s brother Thomas Hackworth who set up a factory in Stockton.

D.M. Tomlin
‘A Nineteenth Century Steam Engine Works [set up by Thomas Hackworth and George Fossick] at Stockton- on-Tees, Part 1’
Cleveland & Teesside L.H.S., Bulletin No. 26, 1974
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G.B. Butler
‘A Nineteenth Century Steam Engine Works [set up by Thomas Hackworth and George Fossick] at Stockton-on-Tees, Part 2’
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